About us

Company Feva was established in 1996 in Bratislava specialised in wholesale of DIN 976-1 on European Market. Since our foundinding in 1996 we hawe grown Steady and we support our customers, and hawe a place on market as one of biggest distributors.

Speedy Delivery of the right fasteners is Crucial for yours oranisation. Whether you use items in the projects, in the process of production or replacement purposes: continuity is a must. For this reason is good for you to know about Feva.

You may see us as a service partner with whom it is a joy to work together. We do not think in terms of terms, but in solutions and in terms of relations. We support ypui with expert recommendations in your choice of products for instance. We do all we can to deliver just-in-time. Trough our world-wide network of suppliers we can nearly always meet your demands. In this we are supported by sophisticated software system that gives real time insight into the suppliers and prices from suppliers all over the world.

We supply fasteners with various types of thread Metric, UNC, UNF, BSW and inches. Our Products meet standarts suc has ISO, DIN, ASTM, ANSI and BS.

FEVA Specials

Do you need specific types of fasteners ? Feva Can supply them on the basis of your practical question of technical specifications we deliver custom made products. These can range from non - standart dimensions to special surface treatments. We look forward to meeting your challange. Will you let us think along with you ?